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“Project Cargo” generally describes the handling and transportation of dimensionally challenging, heavy, complex pieces of equipment, which often includes engineering, extensive planning, and specialized transport equipment.

SMARTLOGITICS have experiences handle project logistics, in the transportation of large, complex, or high-value pieces of equipment, including break bulk shipments, that can move by land, sea, or air.

How It Works ?

We are able to plan, coordinate, and execute project cargo deliveries with high efficiency and reliability. We understand that every project comes with unique challenges, which is why we provide customized logistics solutions tailored to the specific needs of your project.

In terms of transportation, we work with a wide network of reliable shipping partners and adequate specialized equipment. We can overcome obstacles and hurdles that may arise in project cargo deliveries, such as transporting heavy equipment, construction materials, or large components.

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We’ll ask you when the freight is available, what the required delivery date is, and if there’s potential to save on time or cost.

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You can submit a shipment request by contacting our team through phone, email, or by filling out the request form available on our website. Our team will be happy to assist you with the shipment process.

Yes, SMARTLOGISTICS provides international shipping services. We have an extensive network and reliable logistics partners in various countries, allowing us to serve shipments to destinations worldwide.

The security of goods during shipping is our top priority. We adopt best practices in handling, packaging, and protecting goods during transportation. Additionally, we collaborate with relevant parties and utilize cutting-edge technology to monitor and safeguard the goods throughout the journey.

Yes, SMARTLOGISTICS has experience and expertise in managing the shipment of project cargo or heavy goods. We can provide specialized solutions and suitable equipment to address the needs of complex and large-scale project cargo shipments."

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